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Hello my lovelies, its been quite a while since I have bored you with medal obsession so today is the day, I am sorry to say, I do it again.

Competed in the 5.7km event at The Gold Coast Airport Marathon on July 1st aka GCAM17. Happy to say I ran the entire way & completed it in 43.19 minutes. 

Not only was I VERY happy to get me another Medal for my collection but it was a beautiful weekend away with a bunch of other Highlands parkrunners competing in the 5.7km event like me or the 1/2 marathon or even the full marathon. My son, Matty, competed in the 1/2 & finished @ 2 hours 5 mins, with no training other than his 5km parkrun each week, oh whats its like to be 27!!!! Everyone of us finished our events, no injuries, no pull outs & had a great weekend away in QLD.

So here it is the inevitable photo... yes I am way proud of myself!!


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    We'll done @Cate64!! Sounds like your son takes after you :)
    you should definitely be proud of yourself!!
    whats the overall medal tally now? 
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    @Hopes_and_Dreams I now have 7.... Please admire my display :) LOL
  • Hopes_and_DreamsHopes_and_Dreams Gold CoastMember Posts: 750
    I love that you have loads more room on that rack for more :)
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    @Hopes_and_Dreams - thats what I have achieved in the last 12 months, another year will see me buying another rack to hang them on.... I am, super proud of myself, being able to keep it up thru everything...
  • Hopes_and_DreamsHopes_and_Dreams Gold CoastMember Posts: 750
    You are an inspiration @Cate64. Next GCAM we should organise a cheer squad of all our GC members!
    I just got my first Fitbit yesterday so am having fun tracking my steps. I work in a bank but I am up and down helping clients and have walked 4.3km so far today!  
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    @Hopes_and_Dreams I am good with that, I will compete in either the 5.7km or the 10km next year, depending on how well I am faring then. But this year I was part of the Cheer Squad for all our parkrunners competeing in the 1/2 & full marathons... So much fun though I beleive we all walked a marathon flipping between check points to cheer them on as they passed.... LOL we had Lara with her iPad tracking them to let us know who was where & which check point we should be at............ & the atmosphere is electric, love it PLUS you cant beat the Queensland winter weather :)

    Its amazing how many km's you rack up just walking around doing day to day things like work:)
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    Fantastic. My sister did the 5.7kms in honor of my Mum and Dad who usually do it but couldn't this year as they've been unwell. She also did the full marathon as a pacer for a runner from PNG. She's with the salvo striders. Well done you and love all your medals. 
    Paula xxx
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    @mum2jj well done your sister!!!! A full marathon & as a pacer........... omg that is a real achievement.... 
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    Go Cate!!!!! You are a legend!!! Looks like you had so much fun!!! Good for the Soul!!! hugs Melinda xo
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    hello @melclarity its been a long time girl :)

    The whole weekend was heaps of fun but sooooo exhausting, we were on the go from 4am Friday morning till about 9pm Monday night....

    suffering scanxiety this week & next week till i see the Onc... I feel fine but you just never know huh??

    Hugs right back at ya :)
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    Cate sounds like you had a blast! I'm so happy for you! :) x
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    @Cate64 she is a very experienced marathon runner and has done tonnes so being a pacer was a walk in the park for her.  You my friend are the real hero in this story after all you've been through.  You go girl!!!
    Paula xx
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    Awesome indeed Cate.  You are a superstar.  xxxxx
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