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I need advise for my sister emelia, that she can't do it to be online here,she so devastated and upset,she got more than 5cm on her 2 breast and the specialist want her to chemo first and surgery and radiation ,they can't do surgery first the lump is big so the specialist want to shrink first  the lump before surgery. what the best option she will  do, she so confuse right now, I need all of you here a great opinion..If she go ahead to chemo first before surgery... 


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    @cute31892015 I would say its not just the tumor they want to shrink first, its all the little hair sized feelers of the tumor which could be spread out beyond the breast even. Best to do chemo and make it pull its feelers and head in a bit so the surgeons can get nice clear margins during surgery.
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    HI @cute31892015, doing chemo before surgery (known as neoadjuvant chemotherapy) seems to be more common these days and the main aim is to shrink the tumour in the breast (particularly if it's a larger one) and to try and kill off any other cancer cells lurking around (as Brenda said). You might like to show Emelia this page from BCNA about this type of chemotherapy:

    Hopefully the information will help your sister understand the specialist's thinking, but it is important that she asks questions to try and understand why they have suggested neoadjuvant chemotherapy. You can also look at getting a second opinion if she doesn't feel her questions are being answered. 

    I wish Emelia all the best with her treatment and want to let her know that even with larger tumours, many of us can still be here years later. Hugs, Jane xx
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    Hi, my tumour was almost 4cm on my left brast and the treatment started with chemo (16 rounds) to reduce the size. It does shrink it and if your sister is lucky enough she may just need lumpectomy. 
    The reason i say that is that is how mine was and i was so happy about the outcome, until pathology  was done during the op with results  caming back with more canxxx. I also had 13 lymph nodes removed, 8 of which was also affected. 
    Since than, I've  had mastectomy  with no reconstruction and I'm  doing well with Radiation to commence once healed.
    Drs will know what action to take, and that's  all we can do.
    Goodluck to your
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    Thank  you  so much for all the information  shared for my sister .it will be a lot of help  for her situation  right now.
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    @cute31892015 The doctors like to win these battles with cancer too so they want to make good choices. It is very common now to have chemo before surgery.
    If your sister is really confused about why this is being recommended she should ask the doctors to explain again. I gather that English may be your second language (I hope I don't offend you by guessing that) If you think it may help your sister, ask if you can have an interpreter who understands some of the terminology the doctors are using. Most big hospitals will be able to help you with that and it may make her, and you, a bit more comfortable. Marg
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    @cute31892015 The other ladies have given great advice. I just want to say have trust in her team. They will recommend tbe best order of things to be done based on years of experience and clinical trial results. Kath x
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    @cute31892015 hope both you and your sister are doing okay. Xx
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    Hi @cute31892015, I'm so happy you have found your way into the forum. As I said in our personal messages, I'm only a newbie myself and the info I have is from these wonderful women here. Now you can get really good info from them and their experiences as they have been through the type of cancer treatments you sister is having.  But if you ever feel like a chat, I'm here. Thinking of you both xxx
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    Hi @cute31892015 I had chemo first, as I had a 8cm tumour in my breast and my surgeon wantedchemo first to reduce the lump. After chemo my CT came back clear and I'm now in hospital recovering from a mastectomy and full node clearance. 
    Chemo is a whole body treatment so I felt good getting it first as it would also treat cancer anywhere in the body.
    wishing all the best for your sister xo
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    My sister  fell devastated everyday after she find out her cancer spread on her liver and she did not go to work for the pain she supper on her hands
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    Hi @cute31892015,  Please Phone 1800 500 258, or get your sister to phone this number. It is the BCNA number and they have specialist counselling for ladies and men who are diagnosed with metastatic cancer (that is in liver etc). Your sister can discuss her feelings , fears, and talk to someone trained in this area. Sending a big hug to both of you, because you are walking every step of the journey with her and you need support as well. Xx Cath
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    Oh @cute31892015, what devastating news for you both. That's great advice from Cath, I do hope the counsellors can help you along this path and give you both the support you need. I'm sure they will also send out the Hope and Hurdles kit  This kit has been specifically designed for people with metastatic cancer and should give you both some information about what to ask the specialists and what is available to help. Sending hugs to you both, Jane xx
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    @cute31892015 We can all understand how devastating this news is. Know that their is treatment which can give her good quality of life. Her team will do all that they can to ensure this. Kath x
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