Perth Reconstruction Support Group Lunch

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Hi Perth ladies - the next Reclaim Your Curves Support Lunch will be Sat 1st July from 12:30 at the Herdsman Lake Tavern in Wembley. We buy our own food/drinks and share our recon experiences. It is also a great way for ladies considering recon to chat with other women and get your questions answered. Visit our website and scroll down to events and complete the RSVP. 


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    Hi do you know of any other groups in Perth? I am having a lumpectomy this Friday with no reconstrction. I live NOR near Hillarys. Thank you ☺
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    Breastcancer Care WA run support groups in Heathridge & Joondalup - [removed by moderator] - I sometimes drop in to talk about Reclaim Your Curves and the YWCA Encore Exercise Program - free 8 wk exercise class done in warm hydro pool with other BC ladies - u only need to be 8wks post surgery - anyone who has had surgery for BC can join us - [removed by moderator]
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    Hi I had a lumpectomy 10 days ago with no reconstuction but was wondering if there are any other groups in Perth. Thank you
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    Perth ladies our next Reclaim Your Curves Reconstruction Support Lunch will be held Sat 26th August from 12:30pm at the Herdsman Lake Tavern (also known as The Herdy) 33 Herdsman Parade Wembley. We buy our own lunch - plenty of great options - and share our reconstruction experiences. You will meet some lovely ladies who can answer your questions and explain the realities of reconstruction. RSVP through the Reclaim Your Curves website - scroll to the events at the bottom - Leone
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    Hi me too please. I'm in Perth, newly diagnosed and lumpectomy tomorrow.
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    All the best for tomorrow. Our next Reconstruction support lunch will be Sat October 7th.  We have lots of information on our website including upcoming event details - and you can also join our closed Facebook group where you can connect with other ladies and view pics of their surgeries.
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    @Leone88 bugger! I missed this post and could have gone to the Herdy. Great venue for a catchup. Not sure why I missed it but saw your reply in June was 'removed by moderator' then back up so maybe that's why.  Am especially interested in the hydrotherapy YWCA program as am still trying to get my right arm (total axillary clearance) fully functional and not stiff  and breast physio says the exercise is good.  How warm is the water? lol!!!

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    Between 28-32• - we use hydro pools. We also teach u some stretches u can do at home out if the pool that will help your arm/chest. Next term classes start mid October - Wanneroo, Mt Lawley & Success. Contact the YWCA office Mon-Thurs to obtain more details. 
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    The post was removed because I originally had put my phone number in there to RSVP ... 
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