Told today mastectomy of my right breast

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Shall I say that I'm scared, that's a given


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    IF it helps get rid of the cancer, go with it, you have much support and surgery is over quickly! you can always get a second opinion
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    I have to have a CT tomorrow, a bone scan on Friday then back to the oncologist on Tuesday to find out what I need other than the right breast removed. I think I have been thru a range of moods today from silence on the 2 hr drive home to crying off and on. Luckily I have a wonderful husband he took control of my phone and rang our children my sister, sister in law, brother, mother, his mother and sister all the time telling them that " no she can't talk to you she is too upset " I could here the conversations and it was enough to start me crying when I heard them all say how much they loved me and what can they do . I have read a lot of stories where family and friends try to help but it get too much for person with cancer as newly diagnosed I'm going to set down rules from the start for my own sanity I love my family but I have always needed my space so I'll see how it goes 
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    Very wise, families often need some guidelines about what to do and say, it can help them a lot. You may wonder about why you are the one to do this, but you know the answer, it's your space and your sanity. Losing a breast is one thing, you can't lose anything else!! 

    4 years on and mono boobed, I remember that initial incredulity, that this couldn't happen. But it did, and so far (taking things for granted tends to go out the window) I am fine. You will know more soon, and the more you know what you are dealing with, the better. A wonderful husband is a very good thing to have at any time, but especially now. Don't forget to breathe, take one step at a time and be assured that you too can do this. Best wishes.
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    So sorry you have to join us. Yes the beginning is such a shock and so many fears and unknowns. Soon you will have a treatment plan beyond surgery and will know a little more prior. Remember you can ask for immediate reconstruction, there are a couple of ways they can do this but you don't have to just go mastectomy ...then decide and have to wait for reconstruction later. It can be planned from the beginning, but you need to ask. Kath x
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    Thank you all even though I am just diagnosed this site has helped me calm down and breathe I'm looking at this one event at a time, first event the CT , next one bone scan and so on. 
    I think this site is going to be my saviour 
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    Hi @Michelle49  - totally understand how you're feeling! I had a left vertical skin sparing mastectomy April last year and then 5 weeks ago a DIEP Reconstruction. Right now, everything will feel surreal and overwhelming...but you WILL get through it and we are here to walk alongside you! Ask any questions you like and we will do our very best to help. Nikki xxxx
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    Hi @Michelle49, these early days can be completely overwhelming.  So much information coming at you, it's hard to keep up let alone understand and take in all you are being told.
    I had a left nipple sparing mastectomy with immediate silicone implant last August. From diagnosis to surgery was only 11 days. My head was spinning.  No matter what surgery you end up having you will find others here who will share their experiences and help you along the way.
    You are most definitely not alone. All the best with your scans and next appointments. Jane xx
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    Hi Michelle, welcome to the group, but sorry you need to be here. 
    I was given the same news on Wednesday for my left breast. I'm booked in for 23rd May. 
    I have opted for a nipple sparing mastectomy, however my surgeon said that he believes I am going to need radiotherapy as well as chemo, so said the reconstruction will need to wait probably about a year, and given that I have large breasts, he recommended I have the reconstruction done using my tummy... hmm, plenty there to use!

    Give yourself time to get your head around it and be gentle on yourself. I hope all goes smoothly for you in the days ahead. 


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    Thank Cat, unfortunately the lump involves my nipple so it can't be saved, 

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    Hi @Michelle49, have you or your breast care nurse ordered a My Journey Kit? This is a free resource that we offer. It contains information, a journal, and other resources that you might find helpful. You can also order a My Care Kit, which contains a mastectomy bra and other useful things. 

    To order a My Journey Kit online, visit
    To order a My Care Kit online, visit

    Or give us a call at 1800 500 258.
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    Thank you Cosette, yes ordered the my journey kit when I got home from Sydney 
    And thank you Sally for your story, I do know that I've got to have chemo then radiation after my mastectomy, then a genetic test before I have either the other breast removed and reconstruction done in a 8 hr op or just reconstruction depending on the genetic test so I'm in for roughly a 3 to 6 month ride  :/
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    Great that you're home @Michelle49 - now onto your recovery! What a lovely thought from your husband...and what a wonderful doctor too. My GP gave me her mobile number 12 months ago...a gesture of trust and respect. Wishing you a steady recovery. Thinking of you Nikki xxx
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    @Michelle49 Oh that's wonderful to hear you are home now and on the road to recovery. Also that you have such great support, what a love your Husband is, very thoughtful! Rest up and nurture you x Melinda 
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