Only two weeks into the journey

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Hello ladies, 
I had tests (mammograms, ultrasound, core & FNA biopsies) last Thursday week & got my results on Tuesday 11/04/17, so very newly diagnosed. From what was going on & reactions, things that were said i guess I just knew. So by the time I got my results, I had started my journey to acceptance. Everything is no new to me still, I have no idea what to expect. I am currently waiting for my first visit with the oncology team at RBWH and find out what they believe would be the best line of attack so that I can beat this. 

I have 3 solid masses in my left breast, the largest of which is 2.5 cm and malignant. They also found malignant cells in the lymph node in my armpit. I have been told that I will need chemo and surgery, but i won't know what's what until I see the team at RBWH. The Breastscreen Doctor & nurse said that the tentative date they were told is around ANZAC day. 
I feel as though i'm in limbo at the moment. Most of the time I feel fine, but I am so tired & my body aches a lot. 

I am nearly 49 & single, so no partner, but have a lot of wonderful supportive friends around me. Being single with breast cancer brings about a whole other set of 'fears'. 

One thing I worry about is being able to continue to do my job, I work in Humanitarian Settlement Services, working with and housing Refugees. I love what I do and feel very passionate about my job and what it is that we do. My colleagues are wonderfully supportive and are already trying to work out a way that things can be restructured so that it makes things easier for all of us and less stressful for me, and so that I can continue working. Unfortunately it's up to management though and i am only on contract until 6th July. 

I have had all sorts of thoughts go through my head, but i remain positive that i will beat this! 
Scary words on my pathology are metastatic carcinoma when referring to the lymph node they did the FNA biopsy on. 



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    MKitty68, hi......I think the very beginning is difficult. When you know the next  stage things will be easier. All the accounts of people going through breast cancer are true. Some work some cant.   Some have every side effect others very little.
    It is odd one day you are perfectly fine the next you have breast cancer. Huh How did that happen? . On a very positive note after a year of treatment I am now cancer free. Good luck on your journey.
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    Hi Cat, welcome but sorry you have joined us.

    Just thought I would let you know about some legal obligations in relation to your diagnosis. See link below.

    You will have more information after your oncology appointment. I was wondering if you had a breast surgeon appointment yet or are they thinking you will have chemotherapy first? 

    Those pathology reports are awful aren't they. Unless in your organs or bones usually when in lymph nodes they consider this as locally advanced rather than referring as metastatic. Know that even with cancer cells in lymph nodes your cancer is still curable. My niece had 2 multifocal tumors and 10 positive nodes. 14 years on she remains cancer free. So know that yes it can be beaten. 

    Everyone is different on chemo so it's  not possible to predict if you will feel well enough to work. Some people have little issues and people like myself were unable to work. 

    The start of this is a whirlwind and a real feeling of being out of control but once a treatment plan is in place it gets a little easier.

    Take care and ask anything. Kath x
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    Thank you ladies. 
    Kath, that link is good, thank you for that. Is this something that I should speak to my union about? Just to make sure they're on top of it? 
    We are in the HSP Tender process at the moment, I believe the Tender is just being submitted to the relevant government body. 

    The 'fun' part at the moment is my body's withdrawals from my HRT.... I went through early menopause when I was 39 & a half, so nearly 10 years of steady estrogen & now nothing. Damn menopausal symptoms all over again! I think my kids would be glad they moved out LOL 


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    Hi Cat, it wouldn't hurt to seek advice from the union prior speaking with your boss just to have the legal knowledge. Hopefully it won't be an issue.

    Yes....I guess you are going through menopause yet again. Necessary evil. 
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    @MKitty68 Hello and welcome! I'm also 49 and I've had BC twice 2011 and 2015 4yrs apart. I just wanted to say my first diagnosis I was alone. 7 months out of my marriage and 2 children and had to move. I got through it alone with very little support. 2015 I was in a new relationship by only 7 months believe it or not, he lives an hour away and wasn't around alot through it all, so I had a few close people and my Dad thats all to help. It is very doable and I admit I hear alot of others talk about their lovely supportive husbands and I think its beautiful, I too wish I had of had that...mine looked a little different. Amazing how you manage and get through with or without someone. 

    Just take one step at a time, don't get too far ahead and communicate constantly with your team once you have a plan in place and please come to the Forum, so many ladies and experiences that we can offer all sorts of support. Big Hugs Melinda xo :) 
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    Hi @MKitty68 Sorry you're here, but you will get through and feel a lot better after you meet your team,  you mentioned "Scary words on my pathology are metastatic carcinoma when referring to the lymph node they did the FNA biopsy on."  I had the same on mine re the node that was affected don't stress about it, it's just a term.  Your treatment will be tailored to suit and beat this thing!
    Good luck with the journey.
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    Hi @MKitty68, I'm also sorry that you have joined us but I can tell you that the ladies who are here are the most amazing group of women that I have ever encountered. The support that is given and the open sharing of side effects, treatment, worries, happiness and day to day fears of bc diagnosis are all covered. Any questions that you have there is a wealth of knowledge and support just waiting at your fingertips, so please don't feel alone, we are all here, cheering you on. ;) Big hug. Xx Cath
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    What an interesting job housing refugees. Hard enough having breast cancer as an Australian but at least you know there is treatment available but imagine being a new resident to this country and finding breast cancer. Perhaps you can be a great assurance to others once your treatment is done and dusted and you are back in to the job?
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    Thanks @Brenda5, it's a very stressful job, but very rewarding. these people have been through such atrocities that we cannot even imagine. We do get some clients that have health issues, however it's their case managers and cultural support workers that do things like hospital visits. I only find out about these things in relation to their housing needs (no stairs if there are heart or mobility issues, etc) 
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    Well, I have my first appointment at the hospital on Wednesday 26th April. My best friend is coming with me, he has supported another friend through her treatments a while ago so he knows more of what to expect that I do I guess - at least he knows where to go in the hospital LOL. He's a paramedic, so understands the medical jargon more than me too, and most importantly, he gives GREAT hugs! (so does his lovely wife). 
    I will be glad to get some more info and hopefully some answers, and to just know - where to from here. 
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    Mkitty68, sorry your in this club too. I am currently having treatment at RBWH , doing chemo at present. They are a wonderful team of nurses and will make you feel at ease. I too am single with no partner or kids. It's hard not having anyone to support you but one day at a time. All the best.
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    Hi @LMK74 it's nice to 'meet' someone else in a similar position to myself.
    Having had endometriosis, I was lucky enough to have 2 kids, but they've both moved out and are doing their own thing now. They both live in Toowoomba & don't drive, so I don't get to see them very often now. 
    I have heard that the staff at RBWH are wonderful, which is a relief in itself. 

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    Hi cat im only a newbie too. Diagnosed 3 weeks ago after accidently finding a mass in the right breast near breastbone. I had ultrasound and core biopsy same day. Was grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. The wait is scary and the moods may swing like crazy. Mine did and at only 3 weeks still are. I had mastectomy yesterday and was to have just the sentinel node removed for biopsy but once on the table they discovered a number of enlarged auxillary nodes.  So ended up taking more than planned. I too now am so in limbo because an guessing now probably lymph node positive which was hoping not. I do know as hormone pos, like most are, i will need anti hormone therapy for several years, but like you i still feel like im floundering.   
    I guess we both just need to take on each new bit of info as ot arises. I know its hard because i have always been a forward planner and here is something that i now cant.  All the best bev
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    Hi Bev, I hope your healing is going well. 
    Only a couple more days until I see the specialists, hopefully after that I'll have more info & hope some answers to questions for me
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    Hi it feels weird saying welcome .. But what an amazing site this has been ... I'm also 49 .. Single .. No kids nor family .just a. Male flat mate ..
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