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Hi Ladies, I have just been to see my Physio and she mentioned a program specifically catering to people going through or recovering from Cancer treatments. The program is run by qualified Physiotherapists and includes many options for aiding in your physical recovery. You can find participating clinics in your area by going to the PINC & STEEL website.



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    @Kat09 Yes I've heard of this...I researched late last year and was going to go down this path, for me this is exactly what I needed in my recovery as I was so ill and debilitated. My income protection however jumped in and organised an Exercise Physiologist that I still see, OMG its been the best honestly, she just seems to know exactly what my body has been through and what I need in terms of getting my muscles moving so I can eventually move into weight bearing and a little cardio. Slow going, but Im so glad Ive started this way..Hugs x
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    I've been doing pilates for about 5 years. My instructor )a qualified physical therapist) is AMAZING - she both got me ready for my mastectomy and then gently helped me through my recovery. She has been doing the same focussed work with me in anticipation for my reconstruction at the end of March.

    The good thing about pilates is the focus on the core and mobility. It really helps whilst in hospital, walking and throughout the recovery period.
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    @nikkid thats so great! I agree too, I believe Im bouncing back so quickly now because of all the core work I did with mine, she really got m ready. Mind you Im not sure when I can resume or how much I could do, I guess she'll know more. x
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    Hi there is a DVD called Strengthen Your Recovery (Pilates) that came in the bag of information with my Berlei Bra.  I have found the link on the site, for those that can't get near a PINC & STEEL website, like me, nowhere around here!


    Take care

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    Yes the Pinc and Steel seem to be based in cities not in regional areas.  I will look at the link thanks @iserbrown

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    The DVD is excellent - I followed it closely after my mastectomy. Really helped :)
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