We are whole

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My daughter just tagged me in this video .... I found it emotional but good emotions...


  • ScorpionQueenScorpionQueen Picton NSWMember Posts: 750
    What a beautiful story.......bought tears to my eyes!
  • Rachel01Rachel01 Member Posts: 26
    I'm crying too ..... love it :)
  • KatieTKatieT BrisbaneMember Posts: 55
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    That's beautiful.  I'm glad to read that other people feel like a whole person.  I wish I knew how to feel that.  I can live without my breast but I don't feel like me without my full head of hair. 
  • rowdyrowdy Member Posts: 1,165
    Hair grows back, and we are all whole
  • KatieTKatieT BrisbaneMember Posts: 55
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    That's what they told me.  Unfortunately it's not always true as not all hair grows back.  Some remain 'hair-free'.  Others grow back something partially that is so different and unappealing that they face a lifetime of wigs or other alternatives unless they can adjust and adopt the new look.  I wish there were breast cancer sites that told people this because it's so depressing and stressful to keep being told it's growing back when it may not.  

    I guess the positive message from the video is that it's about what's inside.  That's what's hard to remember and really believe when you don't feel like yourself.
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