Fertility post chemo

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hi everyone
i hope everyone is kicking butt on their journey.
i am 30 and was diagnosed 3 months ago with TN. I have a 14 month old son and didn't have time to freeze any eggs before chemo started. 
My question is, has anyone here had a baby post treatment or got an idea of what their fertility was?
i would love to think I can have a second baby but I am very lucky to have my little boy already. 
I have been having my period and and I have also still been ovulating through chemo. Has this happened to anyone else? 
Thanks in advance! ☺️


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    As I have no children I took the precaution of going through fertility treatment and egg harvesting - I almost didn't because it was so expensive and the oncologists insisted that it was "not likely to happen". Unfortunately my mere 4-round chemotherapy pushed me into premature menopause. The doctors insist that in women our age the process could "reverse", so time will tell.

    You may not even lose it in the first place, and if you do lose it you might get it back :heart: seems to just be down to luck.

    It really sucks that you have to go through all this with a one-year-old to care for. :cry:
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    Thanks for your response @InkPetal
    although it's tough having my little guy, he is what keeps me going and keeps me in a positive frame of mind. I have really great support from my family and friends. I don't know how I would be through this journey if it wasn't for him. The IVF clinic told me that they can do a test post chemo to let me know how many eggs I might have left so at least that can make it a little easier to know where we stand.
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    Hi ccasper,
    There have been a few ladies who have gone on to have babies after treatment. It is definitely possible for some, especially if you have triple negative and so no hormone therapy to consider. I hope someone sees your post who has direct experience but I know their have been ladies on here in the past 3 years with happy stories of healthy post treatment babies. Wishing you all the best. xxx
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    Thank you @Deanne
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    Hello - Have you been offer Zoladex injections during chemo? I had these to protect my ovaries. I too had a 14mth old when I was diagnosed and though I have decided not to pursue having another child out of fear of a re-occurrence I got my periods back regular as ever after I came off tamoxifen. It was a difficult time that thankfully my son has no memory of. I'm six years on by the way and feeling healthy and strong. Best of luck to you. 
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    Hi @BC101

    i haven't been on injections only as I felt I had enough chemicals running through my body. I haven't asked about the chance of it returning falling pregnant. Does that depend on what type of breast cancer you have? Thanks for the well wishes and well done on your journey! 
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