Bel are you still there?

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I have just logged back onto my account after a long time of not checking and found 637 messages! A lot are just general broadcast messages but Bel from Tassie if you still log on it would be great to hear from you and have an update on how you are doing.

As for myself I have passed the three year mark and though I feel healthy and I'm back to my normal work hours, have stacked on a huge amount of weight and really struggling with just getting into the mindset to want to start losing it.

I know things could be worse but hmmm.



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    Hi there Cherylek - jess from BCNA - good to hear you are doing well :-) I just wanted to let you know that you can also find network members here in membersJust type in their username and you can connect or send a message  - if you need any help at all please just let me know - jess xx

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    Hi Cheryl, 

    Great to hear you are doing well. I am another oldie, coming up to 5 years from a 2nd diagnosis. Bel pops in from time to time to say hi. Last I heard she had moved to Sydney and was doing well. 


    Paula xx

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