Free accommodation for Breast Cancer Patients and their families through the Otis Foundation

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Ladies, I am going to let you look at this yourselves.  I am posting a link to the Otis Foundation. The OTIS Foundation provides retreats for anyone living with the challenges of breast cancer at no accommodation charge. They currently have retreats in Victoria, NSW, South Australia, Queensland and NT that provide time out to relax, reconnect and regroup. Friends, family and partners are also welcome!

I took advantage of this and it was just wonderful.  I stayed at a beautiful home at Pearl Bay - one of the most beautiful spots in Australia.



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    Hi there, this is such an incredibly generous and wonderful offer - would you perhaps know if there was something similar in WA?

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    Hi Karen

    I was blown away by how generous this was. My family and I had a wonderful relaxing week on the beach - just stunning. If you are a breast cancer patient you are entitled to two holidays.  When I looked at the site it doesn't seem to be any in Western Australia.  All I can suggest to you is you contact the Otis Foundation on their site via phone or email and they may be able to help you.  Suex

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    I have also taken advantage of staying at an Otis Foundation house. We stayed in Kiola on the NSW south coast. Very relaxing. 

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