Tamoxifen n ovarian cyst....

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Hi everyone.

Well I've nearly made my 1 yr since being diagnosed, I finished chemotherapy in Dec n radiation in Feb, things started feeling like they were finally heading back to nirmalville.

I'm not quite 3 months on Tamoxifen b thought all was well until a month ago I started feeling unwell. I didnr even gt this fatigued in chemo. Then heavy discharge started with cramping n pain then after pain subsides large discharge again. I've had a couple of UTI n drs kept putting it down to thrush. I tell my onco team every symptom n even went to gp yip thrust.

Still didn't feel right so made appointment at women's health n after a thorough check up sent me for C T scan of pelvic n results came back today, I'm freaking out the lining of my womb is thick. I have cyst on my ovaries and fatty tissue in my liver.

Now I'm freaking out even more so than going through first treatments n stuff.

Now I'm scared all my other symptom complaints have been overlooked. I see onco tomorrow n ultra sound on Wednesday so I spoke I just have to take it 1 step at a time.xxx



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    Oh Kat I am so sorry to hear this. Good on you for listening to your body and following through when you knew something was wrong. I hate that your concerns were ignored. Fingers crossed that your onco appt goes well and they listen and adjust ypur treatment accordingly. 

    I wish I had a better way to express my concern for you. Sending lots of hugs and a shoulder to cry on. Let us know how you go, Jac

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    Hi Kat,

    How did your appointments go? It can get pretty busy in your head while you are waiting for answers so wanted to check that you are holding up ok.


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    Hi Kat

    I am sorry to hear of your problems - one reason I did not take up the Tamoxifen offer !

    Please post to let us know how you are getting on.

    If you'd like to talk more personally do send me a message via this site.

    Thinking of you

    Summer  :-)

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