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Hey ladies,

I was recently diagnosed. Don't know much yet and very stressed and scared.

Im new in Ausralia so would love to get some support in all the process and bearucracy.feel alone in this.


Bat-El, Sydney



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    Hi Bat-el,  

    I'm sorry you have to join us on here but welcome to a great place to not feel so alone.  It is very stressful to start with but once you have more of an idea of what treatment you will need at least you have something solid to focus on apart from just the unknown which is very scary.  When do you find out more? The waiting is so hard! I am sending you a big hug for now. Emma Xx

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    Thank you so much for replying Emma!
    Ever since last week I just feel like I'm a zombie. Can't do anything, can't think of anything, like I can't "act" tough I know there is so much I need to be doing.

    (Don't know much cause they didn't give me any results in print.)

    So last week they were worried the lymph nodes might be affected. That's what broke me.

    I'll meet the doctor on again Thursday. 

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    Hi batel

    It is very overwhelming not knowing anything .... I just going through chemo now have my fourth on the 18th of Feb ... I had a biopsy of lymph nodes and found some affected... I had all bone scans and body scan and all come back clear  not sure how many until surgery and that's happening between the 14th and the 21st of April ... stay strong 

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    Thanks Donna for sharing!
    I'll keep you girls updated.

    Sending a huge hug from Sydney.

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    Yes let us know how you go on Thursday Xxx


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    Have been thinking of you all day wandering how you went xx 

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    Thanks a lot Donna!

    I had to take the genetic tests done since they suspect I may be a carrier of the BRCA gene.

    The lymph nodes biopsy came back negative 
    (fingers crossed it will remain the same after surgery).

    My next step - waiting for genetic results and decide about a surgery.
    When I asked about a plastic surgeon the surgeon mentioned that most reconstructions are done by the "breast surgeon" . This is very different from what I heard about the procedure back home.

    May I ask how have you found the process in the public system ? what do I need to know/ask ? who should be performing the procedure ? how can I decide what type of procedure is the best for me ?

    Thank you so much lovely ladies !

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    Hi Bat-El

    I am also newly diagnosed. 31st March. 

    I have found that I can only read so much info to just help me reach the next appointment and no more. One step at a time. 

    Also i have had to find things to occupy my head space when it's quiet like I have gone back to playing Candy Crush on my phone. Sounds crazy but this helps me pass the time without feeling like I am going mad.

    This network has really helped, but if you can find a few girls who have also travelled this road to have a coffee with is amazing. Seeing someone in the flesh across from you who is on the other side of this journey is very reassuring. 

    Best of luck, 


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